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    Oh, uh yeah so I had a passion for computers and software development ever since I was in first grade. I started messing with the classroom computers throughout all my elementary school years, and sometimes got into trouble for it.

    My first ever web page I had ever written was something called Checkmark Art, made on (coincidentally and unfortunately) September 11th, of 2019. It was basically a (badly written) webpage in which a user has to click checkmarks in order to make art. They then would type in the art’s name in the textbox, and save the page as an mhtml. I was in fifth grade at that time.

    After that, I had gone nuts with coding in 6th grade making these cool little web projects such as Cobbler Droid OS (which isn’t hosted and a lot of the code went missing). It was supposed to be an Android-Tablet style webtop (web-tablet?) interface.

    The COVID-19 pandemic had struck, leaving everyone at home, which made me work more on my code and then eventually starting a YouTube channel. From March-May of 2020, I created the app hub. the app hub was supposedly another awkward webtop interface which had inspiration from some screenshots of Google Fuchsia’s Armadillo UI. (The final work did not at all resemble any of what it had looked like.). These projects have birthed LCTapps, a group of people who have similar interests to me… But nobody has joined, so I just use it as an alternate name for who makes the projects. So if you see something that says “Made by LCTapps”, I made it. On another note not code related, I also had started making music via BandLab at that time.

    7th grade rolls by, and I start getting crazy into making videos for my YouTube channel and also start doing horrible (probably my worst) academically. Note this is during a pandemic, where I had been in front of a computer. I easily got distracted during class instruction and got lost in trying to work on videos, music, and code. This had drastically hindered my learning capability at the time. In August of 2020, I made a Github account. Also around this time I had written my first Chrome Packaged application, “LCTapps Browser”. This app had been built off of another Chrome Packaged Browser App, but LCTapps browser had fixed it’s homepage error, redesigned the icons, colors, ui, and window. LCTapps Browser also offers a theming system. You can look for that later…

    Later on in 7th grade; my friends and I, who had originally chatted a lot on Google Hangouts slowly moved to Discord. This eventually led to me making a Discord Bot, called JazzyBot. The bot had shut down due to in-group controversy, and for privacy reasons.

I had made many LCTapps-related projects around this time, which you can see on my Github page.

Many examples would include:

LCTapps Marketplace

the app hub BETA

The LCTapps about page

LCTapps Devmail

Rebranded Memes 4 Briann (now known as DTBimgB)



And more…

    It’s 2021, and I’ve created so many projects, including my search engine known as LCTsearch… The school I had attended enforced new policies on our computers which would block off things, but enable new things apparently. (They disabled Android Apps for home accounts, but enabled any Chrome Extension or App to be downloaded.). I had decided to take advantage of this, but 7th grade had ended.

    8th grade had happened, and in-person. I discovered a Chrome App called Kiosk. It’s basically an application that would allow businesses to show their content in Webviews, which you could customize. Little did they know that it could be used for something else. This then would be the beginning of kiosk-setup, a various set of pages which would serve students tools, games, and apps they could use to bypass filters on their school machines via Kiosk. The school can not observe their activity in legacy chrome packaged apps. Alongside this I had also created a Windows-inspired webtop interface which went through a few names. Context: “Me and a friend were joking around and he was like:’idea: Make sex os real’. So I did” But the name didn’t stay for long, as it had been renamed to “Funky OS”, and then “Windo 7”.

    2021 wraps up, and now we’re in 2022. Kiosk is being used everywhere which then led me to mixing Windo 7 with kiosk-setup which created Kiosk Home, a better webtop interface based off of Windo 7. This might be one of my most successful web projects besides LCTsearch.

    I’m in High School now. I’ve made websites and I have learned how to do it, thanks to reading through w3schools how-to tutorials, stackoverflow posts and just exploring my little playground known as the world wide web.

And yeah… That’s merely it. That’s my sick origin story.


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I can write in HTML, CSS, JS, and a bit of Python. I am working on improving every single day I can.

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Web Projects

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Kiosk Setup click here for more info

Instructions | /kiosk-setup/

Kiosk Home | /kiosk-setup/services/redir/basepage7/

    Windo 7 | /kiosk-setup/services/windo7



LCTapps Marketplace




LCTapps Browser






LCTapps Labyrinth






and much more, you can see all the repositories on my github!

Music Albums

Bandlab Profile

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#SaveRikaHanaChan - LCTcmd

lctapps@cseriestechhero-github-io:~$ ‘./home/lctapps/SaveRikaHanaChan.sh’

This is fairly abrupt but with anyone who or who knows someone who can donate and help somebody out, an online friend of mine (her name is Rika) could really use it. She has been dealing with child abuse and just living in a really violent home for many years and recently things have gotten worse for her. She announced like a month or two ago that she would be VERY inactive online due to the conditions she is living in and going through.

Very recently, stuff had gotten out of hand and one of her other friends had notified me, mutuals. Rika's fans and community about this. Her friend has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for people to donate so that they can help get her out of her abusive home and be able to go somewhere where she is safe and happy.

Seriously, if you are capable of donating or know someone else who is capable of doing so, talk to them about helping Rika out

I really care for/about my online friend and it scares me that she cannot live in a safe environment and fulfill her dreams.

Rika is such a talented person too. She makes music, art, and videos and she is VERY VERY GOOD AT IT. I don't want her to possibly be left in a place where she can't do so.

So once again please try to share or donate—hell, do both if you can. That would really help her out.

Thank you guys, and I hope you guys have a good evening. Apologies for the late notice, but this is fairly urgent as I had gotten news of this very recently.



To help spread the word, share these links on online social media platform with the hashtag #SaveRikaHanaChan




*and if you can’t donate, share so others can donate!