LCTapps/1994 STUDIOS

Software/Game development group

How did LCTapps/1994 STUDIOS form?

LCTapps/1994 STUDIOS are actually two things, so we'll start with LCTapps.
LCTapps is a web/software development group created by Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie. The group hasn't reached towards full establishment though we still are trying to invite more people to work in the group. "LCTapps" which name means "Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie's applications". This name came to be because the group used to just start out with just Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie writing small html docs. LCTapps came to form around May in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic after the release of the app hub [A GitHub release is planned to come out, yet I'm still discussing this with the group]).

Now... About 1994 STUDIOS

1994 STUDIOS is a small branch of LCTapps as it is not focused fully on just software tools and web projects, but rather video game development. 1994 STUDIOS came into existence after Midnight Reflection started development (around late June, to early July). And development style is currently focused on Visual Novel games which require little to no code to devlelop.
A visual Novel Engine called TwinkieDinks is meant to be a easy solution to make a web Visual Novel without having to know code using Google Slides.


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